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We physically trade crude oil, all other parts of the barrel, LNG and dry-bulk energy commodities

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Our business

In an increasingly complex trading environment, we find tailored solutions for energy producers and consumers as well as the requirements of our customers’ logistics, financing and risk management. We aim to provide our clients with an exceptional end-to-end service in various energy markets. Our objective is to continue growing a competitive and sustainable business known for its reliability and integrity.

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We trade barrels of crude oil, condensate and refined oil products as well as LNG and dry-bulk energy commodities. Our regional focus is global apart from North America, where we are active via our sister company ELEMENT Americas.

Crude oil

We market crude oil aggregated by ELEMENT Americas in addition to trading various crude oil grades, with logistics to our global client base.


We are strategically developing our light-ends sourcing and blending activities in order to capture demand among ELEMENT’s customer base.

Middle Distillates

Middle distillates currently represent one of ELEMENT’s core businesses. We trade and store jet fuel, diesel and gasoil of various grades with a focus on the bunker markets.


ELEMENT trades and blends refinery feedstocks such as vacuum gasoil and straight-run fuel oil as well as finished grades for the bunker and power generation markets.

LNG & Natural Gas

ELEMENT trades LNG on a global basis with a focus on the supply originating from Americas.

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Trade finance

One of ELEMENT’s main strengths is our deep understanding of transactional trade finance. With the support of more than a dozen European and domestic banks, ELEMENT is able to move vast volumes of crude oil and oil products on a domestic and international level via truck, rail, pipeline, barge and sea-going vessel. We also provide all necessary finance and royalty payment services connected to buying crude oil at the lease.

Inventory Finance

Storage and blending is among the key vectors of our trading development. Based on our transactional approach and local due diligence process, we have developed a diversified portfolio of inland and coastal storage facilities with flexible logistics and blending capabilities. ELEMENT is able to finance sufficient volumes of oil in tank to build bulk for export.

Structured Finance

Beyond our more transactional financing, we are working closely with our business partners on ‘tailor made’ structures such as: pre-payments, open account sales, frame/term contracts, syndicated financing, and buy-back structures. Our trading, operations and finance teams have decades of experience and an unquestioned expertise in the global market.

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Risk Management

Our clearly-defined internal risk policy outlines various controls and processes, such as daily P&L, position and credit exposure reports, daily reconciliation of derivatives positions, and daily monitoring of trading limits. These processes and controls are independently monitored by a non-commercial function.

Price risk

The physical portfolio of the Company is hedged with derivative instruments and is therefore market neutral. We offer our clients hedging and risk management solutions that easily compete with those of banks and oil majors.

Liquidity risk

ELEMENT has strong transactional bank facilities with a solid pool of 1st class banks accommodating Back-to-Back, Front-to-Back, storage financing and structured financing facilities.

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ELEMENT specializes in trades involving complex logistics of oil between producers, refiners and consumers. We deliver superior service to our clients, thereby maintaining our competitive edge.

Sea-going vessel and barge shipping

ELEMENT works via experienced ship brokers with first class ship owners to globally transport our cargoes safely across oceans and rivers.


ELEMENT stores its cargo exclusively in highly reputable oil storage facilities that have previously been vetted by its operations and insurance teams.

Pipeline, Rail & Road transport

ELEMENT’s highly experienced operations department is proficient in shipping cargo via pipeline, rail or truck between various markets.

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